2007 Exhibition

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    High Performance Tools

     Z CARBTM End Mills for Ferrous Applications

     V-CARB® 5 Flute End Mills for Finishing and Semi-Finishing

     TRI-CARBTM 3 Flute End Mills for Roughing and Semi-Roughing

     LONG REACH TM End Mills

     TURBO-CARBTM End Milld for Hardened Mold & Die Steels

     POWER-CARB®End Mills for Mold Grade Steels up to 65Rc

     SKI-CARBTM End Milld for Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Applications

     S-CARB® Solid Carbide End Mills for Aluminum

     SHEAR-CARBTM End Milld for Non-Ferrous Applications

     HI-PERCARB® Drills

     G2000TM Burs Special Geometry

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